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Badge Designer 3.0

Create your own button designs now:
With various design elements, templates and a comfortable photo upload function you make your own print file with your individual button designs easily and quickly.

Badge Designer 3.0

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Button Components and Accessories

Of course we also offer you the button components you need for making buttons with your badge maker. Not only with the classical safety pin – since years already button backsides like fridge magnet, mirror, crocodile clip or clothing magnet are a popular and clothing-gently alternative which makes “making buttons” even more interesting and various. Applications for buttons are so diversified that we send you a sample bag with all backside variations possible with your new badge maker so that you do not miss any possibility. Or did you already know it is possible to make buttons with bottle opener, as a necklace pendant, ear ring or hair clip? Not any option appeals anyone, but we try to match any customer`s desire and give our best to find new, interesting application options for buttons and offer them to you as soon as possible.

Quality First – Also Concerning Button Components

Regarding our button components, our quality requirements are of top priority always. They shall perfectly fit your Badgematic badge making machine, they may not rust of course and they have to be in a faultless state. This is why our button components are under constant quality control to make sure a consistent high quality standard. It is most important to us that you are able to make your buttons easy, comfortably and quickly. This is why, for example, our components with fridge magnet have a neodym magnet already integrated in the backside, so that you do not have to glue the magnet onto the ready-pressed button afterwards.

Experience the Varity of our Button Components

The best thing about our badge makers is that you are able to produce all backside variations we offer for your button size, for example 59 mm (our absolute best seller!). Concerning 59 mm button size there are for example components with safety pin, with fridge magnet, with mirror backside, with clip, with bottle opener, with rosette, with clothing magnet or with vacuum cap. Therefor you do not need to change anything and you do not have to buy something addionally. Instead of the classical safety pin backside you put for example the fridge magnet backside into the machine and make your button just as usual!

Our button components are available with following backsides:

To the components

  • With safety pin or D-shaped pin
  • With fridge magnet or clothing magnet
  • With crocodile clip or brace clip
  • With mirror backside
  • With bottle opener
  • With vacuum cap
  • With rosette
  • With flat metal back for glueing
  • Or with different jewellerey ideas

The availability of these button variations is depending on the button size. For 25 mm and 59 mm buttons there are a lot of backside variations because the usage of the button depends a lot on the button size. Our hint: Before you decide for one button size, get yourself an overview concerning backside possibilities for this button size. Many customers make their decision depending on the available backside variations and decide to go for 59 mm instead of 50 mm because there are many more variations possible.

Buy a Badge Maker

Since more than 30 years we have been specializing in the field of making buttons and offer you different badge making models for your own little button production. Our badge makers are made of high-quality materials such as aluminium, brass and stainless steel  and they are easy to use for young and old! Our badge making machines are improved and built with a lot of love-to-detail, so that they will work well for you a whole life long and so that usage is easy and comfortable. In just a few steps you make wonderful individual buttons out of a few boring sheet metal parts. This magic of button-making does not only make children`s eyes glow! Not for nothing button-making is popular since decades for very different types of people for even more different reasons.

Why a Badgematic Badge Maker?

  • High-Quality badge makers
  • Made of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and brass
  • Made with a lot of love to detail
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • 10 years of guarantee and life-long free repair service
  • We have 30 years of experience
  • Order suitable components anytime
  • Components with different backside variations

Badge Makers with exchangeable molds for different sizes

You can decide for only one button size – but actually you do not have to. If you are very sure that for your purpose you will only need this one button size, then it absolutely makes sense to decide for badge maker type 900, our bestseller at an unbeatable and fair price. 

To Badge Maker Type 900

If you are interested in different button sizes and do not even know by now if you will always be willing only to make the big buttons, then you should decide to buy our badge maker type 900 Flexi. The name speaks for itself: You are 100% flexible concerning button sizes, because: The molds are exchangeable. That means, if you have decided to go for one button size and later on you want to make another as well, then you simply buy an additional stamp set for your Flexi badge maker and comfortably switch between these two or even more button sizes. And what is best about it: Changing the dies does only take you a few seconds of time and you do not even need any tool for it. It is absolutely easy and you can do it with your pure hands. Our Flexi machine is available for our 25 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm and 59 mm buttons. Only the big 75 mm buttons and the rectangular 68x44 mm buttons can`t be made with our Flexi machine.

To the Flexi Badge Makers

Make Buttons - Happy Go Lucky

Our Badgematic badge makers are well-known for their great quality since decades. They are robust, easy-to-handle, nearly maintenance-free and made for a whole life! You can make as many buttons as you want: No matter if you only make 100 buttons per year which you make at a certain event or if you have your own button business, producing thousands of buttons every day. Our badge makers are perfectly made for free-time-buttonmakers as well as for the rough everyday life of business production. If you regard some little care instructions, your badge maker will make you happy a whole life long!

And if there should be any problems later on anyway, we are there to help you. Just send the machine to us: Therefor you do not need any guarantee card, no serial number and also no invoice. We can identify our badge makers immediately and we will maintain or repair your badge making machine within a few days. In most of the cases the repair is free, if there is no willful destruction or improper use the reason for malfunctioning. 

Printed Buttons with your Design

You need printed buttons as advertising materials for a planned event or for your club, your political party or for a customer? Then you are also right at us. Buttons are such a popular advertising medium also because there is nearly no other one which can be individualized to such a big extent so easily and so cheap. We make your pin buttons for you – if you want we also design your motif and deliver the buttons completely ready made. You can simply lean back. We make buttons in quantities starting at ten pieces – open end.  

This is our guarantee:

  • Quick and flexible delivery time from 3 days
  • High-quality print results in offset or digital printing
  • strict manual quality control
  • high-quality buttons in 7 different sizes
  • big variety of button backsides

Our Extra-Services for you:

  • Mat-look soft touch buttons as an alternative to glossy button surface
  • Metallic buttons – if you need something really special
  • Buttons with hologram effect
  • Spot colours Pantone or HKS
  • Special packing according to your needs
  • Jazzy Neon buttons

To the Printed Buttons

Order Buttons in best Quality

If we produce printed buttons for you with your individual design we do not use polyester foil as in the DIY sector. Instead, the printed paper is sealed with a cellophane surface. This way the buttons are protected from external influences like water or dirt AND we can achieve a more brilliant print result. The edge of the button is completely smooth and the backside of the button is perfectly closed. We also say goodby to little paper crumbles and fuzz under the polyester foil. Disturbing reflections caused by the foil are part of the past as well. But the best about it: Additionally to the glossy version we can also produce a mat soft-touch surface due to this new production process and metallic-effects as well as even hologramms

Our graphical department will be glad to assist you – starting with a simple, creative idea in your head, creating your individual button motif and choosing a fitting button size and button backside variation for your personal button project. You will profit from over 30 years of button experience at Badgematic concerning button production. You will also profit from high production capacities which enable us to also realize your very short-dated orders in time and super quick

You need a digital printing before the final print or a print run before start? No problem, also this is possible.möglich. 

We will be glad to assist you personally! 

Phone: +49(0)234 - 96 29 06 0

Email: info@badgematic.de