Lifetime Guarantee

Additionally to the statutory warranty, we grant you a lifetime-guarantee on all our badge making machines according to the following terms.

Our products are subject of a strict quality control. Should you find yourself with a product which does not function satisfactorily despite all this, we are very sorry for that and ask you to turn to our customer`s service mentioned hereinafter. We will also gladly assist you on our mentioned service hotline. Additionally to the statutory warranty, we grant you a guarantee on all badge making machines you buy from us, according to the following terms. Your statutory rights will not be restricted by that.

1) Guarantor is Badgematic Button GmbH, Industriestr. 59-61, D-44894 Bochum. The guarantee period is lifetime after purchase. The guarantee is valid worldwide. “Lifetime”, in this context, means as long as the badge making machine is in use. It does not matter how old it is and how often ownership has changed already. It also does not make any difference how long the badge maker has not been in use meanwhile. It is not necessary to keep a purchase receipt, we always recognize our own machines and also plagiarism. If a badge maker is “re-covered” after 20 years of pausing in a wardrobe or wherever, and shall get in use again, there is the lifetime-gurarantee for this machine, unless there is an exclusion according to 5) of these guarantee terms. Theoretically the guarantee only ends after loss or improper use according to 5).

2) During the guarantee time machines with defects will –at our option- be repaired or replaced. Machines or machine parts replaced shall pass into our property.

IMPORTANT: We can only guarantee a smooth functioning of our badge making machines, if you exclusively use our original Badgematic button badge components. We can only rely on our original Badgematic button badge components concerning a perfect adaption to our badge making machines. If you use button badge components from other manufacturers we cannot guarantee a smooth functioning of our badge making machines. Even very small material differences, hardly visible to the naked eye, can lead to problems, so that you will not be able to produce buttons or at least no good buttons.

3) Guarantee claims should be submitted without delay after becoming aware of the defect and within the guarantee period


4) To make a guarantee claim please follow these steps: Please contact our customer`s service at first: Telephone: +49(0)234-9629060 / FAX: +49(0)234-96290609 


Post: Badgematic Button GmbH, Industriestr. 59-61, D-44894 Bochum

This is very important because this way we can clear up in advance if sending the defective machine is necessary. Maybe it is possible to eliminate the defect yourself by a simple action or if we send you a replacement part. Possibly the defect is not caused by the machine itself but by the improper use of the machine (see point 2). If necessary, please send the defective machine together with the appropriate form to the address mentioned on it. We gladly send you this form by email or on the postway. You also find it at our Online Shop at „More About“ -> „Downloads“ -> Point 4: „badge making machine for repair“.

Concerning the transport costs the following rules are valid:
If a guarantee event occurs within 24 months after conclusion of the contract, Badgematic takes over the necessary forwarding costs for the transport and re-transport. For the return then please use our return center to be found at our website (Point 2: “Information” -> “Return Center”). Please take care of a proper packaging, so that the badge making machine is protected from damage in transit.
If the gurarantee event occurs after a period of 24 months after conclusion of the contract, the customer shall pay for the costs of transport for repair or improvement. Badgematic pays for the costs of re-transport.

5) The guarantee does not cover damage caused by

  • inappropriate usage and violation
  • interventions through unauthorized people
  • submission in packaging not suitable for transport

6) From the guarantee scope not, or no longer covered defects or damages at the machine may be repaired within the frame of our free-of-charge-repair-service. Missing parts of the badge making machine and heavy damages which can be attributed to inappropriate usage or violation, and which make an exchange of machine parts unavoidable, are excluded from this service. In these cases we will carry out the repair (as far as a repair is possible) after prior consultation and at a fair charge. You have to bear the costs for sending your badge making machine to us for a repair within the frame of our repair service.

Our promise: We do our very best, so that your badge maker will be lifetime-fun for you!