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Badge Maker Type 900 and the Flexi Modell

Buying a Badgematic badge maker can never be a wrong decision, this is for sure. No matter if type 900 or type 900 Flexi - you will always get an absolute high-quality badge making machine which was made with a lot of love to detail. Made to make perfect buttons for you - a whole life long! Anyway you will have to decide for one of our models later on AND also for one of our many many different offers. We can not take over the choice for you, which badge maker might be the right one for your individual button project. But we can help you with that by showing you the advantages and disadvantages of the different models in connection with your own needs. Our product video gives you an informative overview about our different badge making machin models. You learn about the differences, get to know everything worth knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of the different models and you can see our badge makers in action. This will for sure be supporting you to make the right decision. 

We would be glad to assist you personally as well. Therefor you can contact us Monday til Friday from 8.00h - 17.00h at +49(0)234 - 96 29 06 0 or you can also send us an email 24/7 at info@badgematic.de.

Our button experts love to assist you!

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Badge Maker Type 900

If you are sure about your button size

  • High-quality made of aluminium, brass and stainless steel

  • permanently mounted molds - one badge maker for one button size

  • Low price & 10 years guarantee + life-long free repair service

  • Kapazität: bis zu 400 Buttons pro Stunde (je nach Übung)

  • Leicht, kompakt, einfach zu transportieren & perfekt für den mobilen Einsatz

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Badge Maker Type 900 Flexi

The name says it all: 1 Machine for 5 button sizes

  • The successor model of type 900 can do more!

  • Exchangeable molds for different button sizes

  • Innovative changing mechanism: change button size easily & quickly

  • available with molds for 25 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm and 59 mm buttons 

  • outstanding price-performance ratio

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Making buttons yourself - What is most important for you?

You want best quality

The good news is: You do not have to think about this at all. No matter which of our badge making machines you choose - quality is always the same - the highest one! All our Badgematic badge makers are made according to highest Badgematic quality standards and will at least be sent out to you when everything is fine 100%. No badge maker leaves our premises which, from our point of view, does not make 100% perfect buttons and if we are not sure that this badge making machine will give pleasure to you a whole life long. It is not our philosophy to use 2nd choice materials or to forgo some customer`s comfort because of cost-reduction in our production. That`s not our thing.  

You have got a limited budget

Badge Making machine type 900 is the lowest-priced alternative at us. It is of the same excellent quality as our other badge making machines. But due to the fact that it is our absolute beststeller since a lot of years and we are able to produce it in extremely high quantities, we are also able to sell this machine type at an unbeatable low price. Another reason is that it does not have exchangeable molds. The molds are fixed. This fact makes badge making machine type 900 a little bit less technically complex. This finds reflection in price, of course. So, if your budget is limited and if you do not need exchangeable molds because you are sure about the button size you need, then badge making machine type 900 seems to be the best choice for you.

Flexibillity is important for you  

Then our explicit and unrestricted recommendation is: Badge Maker type 900 Flexi! The successor of our badge maker type 900 has a sophisticated click-system which enables you to change the molds for different button sizes within only seconds very very easily. With badge maker type 900 Flexi you receive an absolut high-quality, technically well-developed machine which you can use to make nearly everything your button-maker-heart may desire - without compromises. You can make all round button sizes up to 59 mm and you can produce all available button backside variations for these sizes - at an abolutely fair price

Good Price-Performance-Ratio 

If this is most important to you, then there can also be only one answer: Badge Maker Type 900 Flexi. This badge maker clearly offers you the best price-performance ratio. You receive a badge making machine which can do nearly everything possible. You can change the molds easily and quickly, you can use all available backside variations and you get 10 years guarantee and a free repair-service a whole life long. What else could you want? The price difference compared to the successor model (type 900) is so small that you should not think about it too long. Depending on the package you choose, the price difference is about 20-30 Euro gross. Therefor you get the full flexibility concerning button size and the most technically sophisticated badge maker from our range of products.  

You are planning to produce bigger quantities of buttons on events regularly?

With both badge making machine models (no matter if type 900 or 900 Flexi) you can make your own buttons quickly and easily - also in higher quantities. There is no difference concerning function. Both models are working exactly the same way and the same processing steps are necessary. So you are equally quick with both machine models and with a lot of diligence and year-long practice you are able to produce up to 400 buttons per hour. The only factor you should regard depending on local incidents is the factor "mobility". Of coure both models are mobile. You can transport both machine models easily from A to B - due to the low weight. But in opposite to badge making machine type 900 Flexi, all parts of badge maker type 900 are firmly monted. This way nothing can fall out or down and get lost this way. Concerning Flexi machine, the lower molds or only loosely attached to the swivelling plate. The upper mold is fixed with springing ball screws. So the lower molds can relatively easy fall out and get lost this way or get damaged. How relevant this aspect really is for you depends on your estimate concerning the planned event.