About Us

Who we are

We, Badgematic Button GmbH, have specialised in the manufacturing and distribution of anything round about the button badge: Manual badge makers, button badge components, circle cutters, button badge paper, personalised buttons with your own design and a lot of accessories are part of our range of products. Due to that, it is extremely important for us not only to offer very high-quality products to our customer, but next to that also an excellent customer`s service. And this customer`s service starts with a detailed, competent consultancy, continues with a reliable, quick delivery and reaches up to a free-willing 10-year-guarantee on our badge makers and a free repair service after that. We attach great importance to a wide variety to be found within our product range, which we continually improve and expand according to our customer`s needs. This way, our offer has constantly been refined within the last decades. Today it comprises, next to the classical button badge with safety pin, a multitude of other variations: Button badges with magnet backside, mirror, clip, bottle opener, stand-up, earring or fingering – the ranges of use for button badges have steadily increased. Everything changes with time, also the needs and wishes of our customers. We know that and of course, we also react on that. We are proud, that the trade mark Badgematic is a symbol for all that mentioned before since a long time yet, not only nationally, but also on an international level. Therefore, since over 30 years, our employees give their best- every day!

Our Products 

Our badge makers are made of high-quality materials like spray cast, stainless steel and aluminium. These materials prove a long economic lifetime without problems, even if exposed to extreme demands. We are absolutely committed to that and therefore grant a free-willing 10-year-guarantee on our badge makers. Additionally, our customers enjoy a free repair-service -> for life! Also concerning the production of our button badge components and our personalised buttons, our high standards of quality rank first. Our button badges are amongst others made of tin plate and our foils consist of polyester. Concerning the paper inlays which we use for our personalised button badges, we closely work together with a well-respected nearby Offset-print-office. Due to the high technical standards there, we are able to achieve 1st-class-printing-results and to realise your individual designs best possible. The production of personalised buttons is processed with half-automatic machines here at our premises, which are operated by two employees each. This way we are able to produce up to 50.000 button badges and even more if needed, each day. If there are bottlenecks, we enjoy reliable support by our dedicated and experienced home-workers.

As a manufacturer we are able to control nearly any manufacturing step. This is of great importance to us, so that we can fulfill our attention to detail. Some examples for that: We have positioned the safety pin for fixation of our button badges from 50 mm upwards in the upper third of the button back – not in the middle. This way we make sure that the button will fit perfectly with its design parallelly to the safety pin and that it will not tilt. Concerning personalised buttons with needle in the upper third, our employees always put he paper inlay into the machine in a ways to make sure that the design will later on perfectly fit with its design parallely to the safety pin and that it will not slope.


Our Customers

Button badges are very multifaceted, just like our much valued customers. Our client base consists amongst others of advertising agencies, sales representatives, schools, nursery schools, various institutions for juveniles, sportive institutions, clubs, political parties, hosts, of course private people who use buttons in their free-time and creative button artists who magically make little artworks out of our button badges. Again and again we become fascinated by the unbelievable various possibilities to use buttons und by the wonderful, creative ideas of our customers.On the one hand, our re-sellers profit by our quantity-discounts which reward an own stock holding with generous price-discounts. On the other hand, we offer them additional discount rates on our products. Here you will find further information on that.

Our Employees

We are persuaded that a company can only perform as good as its individual employees can be. We employ staff in the administration area as well as in the button badge production and of course in the logistical area. Due to their flexibility, their commitment and their quality awareness, we are able to continually produce high-quality products and at the same time to react on our customer`s individual needs. Several of our employees work for us since many many years yet and therefor have according, valuable experience and know-how available. You as our customer profit from that in personal contact, during counselation or if you are faced with any problem as well as by using any of our products you hold in your hands.

Our History

Our history begins in the 70s. That time, the popularity of the movie "Grease" brought a dutch man named Alfons de Kock his first big button order. He is a long-year-friend of our former managing director Gerd Pohlschmidt. Fons de Kock then founded “Badgematic B.V, Niederlande”. In the following years the company concentrated on the manufacturing and on the distribution of manual badge makers and button badges, next to the production of personalised button badges. In the 80s they were looking for a reliable business partner for the distribution in Germany, due to the big success. This man was found in the person of Gerd Pohlschmidt. The foundation of Badgematic Button GmbH in the year 1985 was the beginning of a long-lasting, successful partnership. More and more, Badgematic Button GmbH took over the predominant part not only of the distribution but also of the complete production. The increasing influence of e-commerce did not pass us without traces, of course. By opening our Online shop in the year 2009, we made a big step into this direction and from that time on we more and more focussed on that topic. But anyway we have always kept the long-year-prooved, classical ways of distribution and we also want to keep them in the future.

Our Future

For the future we want to keep our philosophy which has successfully prooved since more than 3 decades. Quality and service are the things we want to keep our focus on, and which shall provide you, with us as your reliable supplier aside, a crucial advantage. The catchword “Customer Orientation“ should even more get into the foreground. We want to keep on improving our offer and adopt it to our custsomer`s needs and wishes quicker. We will establish even more capacities to reach this goal in the future.