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25 mm button badges with safety pin - unit 500 pieces

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  • Quantity: 500 pieces


With these button badge components you can produce 25 mm button badges with safety pin. This backside variation already includes the safety pin. Therefor you do not have to put the pin into the backside manually after having finished the button and you can save time.


Please regard that the safety pin (compared to the D-shaped pin) is much smaller and thinner. Therefor for example opening and closing the pin is perceived as less comfortable compared to the D-shaped pin. When you put the backside with the safety pin into the badge maker, you have to pay attention that the safety pin is in the middle and does not slip to far to the left or the right. Otherwhiles you will not be able to open the safety pin after having finished the button.

The button badge components are compatible with all Badgematic badge makers:Type 900, Type 900 Flexi, Type 1600 or also older models (e.g. Type 1700)

1 unit consisting of:

  • 500 metal tops
  • 500 metal backsides with safety pin
  • 500 foils